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Bill Brown, Executive Director
Jeff Flom, Chief Operating Officer
Larry LaBoda, Chief Financial Officer
Diana McNally, Senior Program Manager, Executive Office 
Gilda Mitchell, Senior Manager, Executive Office
Lisa Stegink, General Counsel


Robert Tock, Controller
Ajmal Bijapuri, Chapter Accounting Coordinator
Nicole Brown, Accounting Coordinator
Derrick Carter, Accounting Manager
Kellee Evans, Program Manager, Installment Payments
Janet Lathan, Accountant
Marie Winters, Accounting Program Manager

Volunteer Development and Chapter Programs

Mark Tyle, Senior Director, Volunteer Development and Chapter Programs
Colleen Leeders, Senior Resource Manager, Volunteer Development and Chapter Programs
Laura Sabransky, Senior Resource Manager, Volunteer Development and Chapter Programs
Andrew Smith, Chapter Advancement Manager
Chris Voltarel, Chapter Advancement Manager

Government and Industry Relations

James Specker, Government and Industry Relations Director
Christine Hoober, Program Manager, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
Jason Richie, Program Manager, Government Relations

Business Development and Market Research

David French, Senior Director, Business Development and Market Research
Alyssa Jaksa, Senior Analyst

Marketing and Sales

Jennifer Schaff, Associate Director, Marketing and Sales
Belem Paramo, National Sales Manager
Maggie Arden, Marketing and Content Strategist
Meagan Hessler, Account Executive
Katie Houdek, Program Manager, Marketing and Membership Strategy
Scott Sparks, Account Executive
Isabel Sterne, Program Manager, Marketing and Recruitment
Michael Woods, Program Manager, Membership Sales and Service

Knowledge Transfer

Jocelyn Pysarchuk, Senior Director, Knowledge Transfer
Edrea Briones, Professional Development Program Manager
Christy Kierig, Digital Media and Web Program Manager
Laura Kozak, Event Operations Program Manager
Ron Precht, Communications Senior Manager
Kristin Taylor, Communications and Content Strategist
Michelle Vallet, Publications Manager, Massage Therapy Journal, Special Print Publications

Member Experience

Socorro B., Membership Specialist
Keisha C., Call Center Representative
Angel C., Membership Specialist
Star E., Call Center Representative
Jenine E., Senior Representative, Call Center
Nia F., Senior Support Services Representative
Kasey H., Membership Specialist II
Andrea H., Membership Specialist II
Stefanie Jones, Senior Manager, Call Center
Adam Kander, Retention Manager
Bethany L., Senior Membership Specialist
Shirley M., Senior Representative, Call Center
Angie M., Call Center Representative II
Damaris Miranda, Support Services Manager
Taija S., Call Center Representative
Linda S., Senior Representative, Call Center
Joel T., Senior Support Services Representative
Chandra W., Membership Specialist II
Katrina W., Support Services Representative


Peter Brennan, Senior Manager, Operations
Vitali Vitcherov, Office Services Coordinator

IT, Web & Database

Brian Lam, CRM and Web Integrations Director
Michael Diaz, Help Desk Support Specialist
Rachel Keil, Database Program Manager
Ian McNally, Database Operations Manager
Nagesh Namana, Senior Applications Developer
Zoran Stojanovic, Information Systems and Service Senior Manager

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Kelly L., AMTA member since 2010