Sharing Benefits of Massage

Sharing the benefits of massage can help clients understand the important role it can play in their health and well-being.

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Massage therapy can play an important role in a person's health regimen. Communicating the benefits of massage to current and potential clients helps them see the value of massage in their daily lives.

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Massage for Health and Wellness 

A recent consumer study sponsored by AMTA indicates that 88 percent of individuals view massage therapy as beneficial to overall health and wellness. From relieving pain to managing cancer symptoms and reducing depression, explore the many health advantages of massage therapy.

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National Massage Therapy Awareness Week

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AMTA's 27th Annual National Massage Therapy Awareness Week® will take place October 22-28, 2023!

AMTA members from across the U.S. will promote the health benefits of massage therapy and their massage practices in their communities.

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