Community-based Marketing for Your Massage Practice

While digital communications and social media are important for your massage therapy practice's marketing endeavors, they are just part of a well-rounded marketing strategy. Some individuals and small businesses may find community-based marketing well worth the effort.

Community marketing is a way to reach members of your local community, establishing trust and relationships with them and increasing the likelihood that they’ll remember your practice when looking for a massage therapist.

Here are a few ways of putting community-based marketing to work:

  • Join civic and charitable organizations such as a Chamber of Commerce, a historical society, PTA or groups dedicated to business or community improvement.
  • Sponsor youth sports teams or races, such as 5Ks, 10Ks and marathons.
  • Organize community events for litter pickup, graffiti removal or improving parks. Use Facebook and social media to create online communities.
  • Develop a logo and unified branding message and use it on all your communications, and perhaps your vehicle.
  • Participate in AMTA's National Massage Therapy Awareness Week at the end of October! Host an open house at your massage practice, distribute handouts on the benefits of massage and more.

This content was adapted from the summer 2016 issue of Massage Therapy Journal.

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