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AMTA—the most respected name in massage therapy. 

Find out why AMTA is the most trusted and respected name in massage therapy.

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Find a Massage School Locator Service

Potential students search for AMTA member schools through AMTA's Find a Massage School locator service. 

Significantly broaden your outreach to potential students by creating a profile on

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Free AMTA Student memberships

Any student attending a 500 in-class hour minimum, supervised entry-level massage therapy program is entitled to a FREE AMTA Student membership. Your massage therapy students can now access all the tools and resources AMTA provides while completing their education!

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Networking and Community

Expand your community through massage school meetings like the AMTA Schools Summit and the AMTA National Convention. AMTA School members receive one free registration to Schools Summit (a $299 value). 

Help your students connect with the profession through our Mentoring program and more. 

AMTA makes it easy to connect with fellow massage school educators and administrators.

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$15/month AMTA Professional membership for instructors

If your massage instructors are also licensed massage therapist, they are eligible for an AMTA membership rate of only $15/month or $179 per year—over $55 of savings! 

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$8/month AMTA Graduate memberships

If your students are about to complete your massage program or have completed your program within the past year they are eligible for an AMTA membership rate of only $8/month or $89/year.

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Massage School Insurance Program

AMTA School Membership provides you with one convenient policy for your massage school, faculty and students! There is no additional cost.

Your coverage includes

  • Professional Liability coverage for your students, the faculty who instruct/supervise them, and your school up to $1 million each claim and $5 million aggregate.*
  • Legal fees paid for covered claims, in addition to your liability limits—no matter the outcome.
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses to others injured at your location up to $2,000 per person and $100,000 aggregate.

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Stay engaged with timely massage therapy news and updates through our award-winning publications like Massage Therapy Journal and AMTA Massage Profession Research Report.

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From massage supplies to marketing services, AMTA offers you more for less.  Discounts include:

  • Massage Warehouse - Up to 30% off + exclusive shipping rates!
  • Vistaprint - Save 20% site-wide & more
  • Office Depot/OfficeMax - Save up to 80% online and in-store!

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The Nonprofit Advantage

AMTA is the largest nonprofit, professional association serving massage therapists, massage students and massage schools. This means your membership dollars are invested back into the profession through research, advocacy and promotion of the health benefits of massage to the general public and health care community. 

This also means that AMTA is member-driven—by massage therapists for massage therapists—through our Board of Directors and volunteers, not a for-profit company’s CEO.

Join the most respected name in massage therapy!

According to a recent survey by Zogby Analytics, American massage consumers view the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) as the most respected and credible name in massage therapy—five times higher than any other massage organization or business. 

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"AMTA is very supportive. I definitely am glad I chose to be an AMTA member."

Bailey L., AMTA member since 2016