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Tools and resources to help you effectively and efficiently manage your massage therapy classroom


Tools to Use in Your Classroom

AMTA Soft Skills Series for Schools
In addition to rigorous hands-on training, soft skills such as client communication, teamwork, problem solving and professionalism also play an important role in a therapist's day-to-day interactions. These handouts can help augment your curriculum on important topics.
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AMTA Career Guides
Explore career opportunities with your students—today's students have more workplace options than ever before.
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AMTA Massage Anatomy Guide
This user-friendly resource is a great tool to use in class and complements the Books of Discovery educational series. The guide includes all 364 cards from the Trail Guide to the Body flashcards and a variety of options to test musculoskeletal anatomy knowledge.
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The Four Adult Learning Styles
Learn more about the four major learning styles so you can better engage with your learners. We all use each learning style at different times and in different settings; however, we learn information more quickly and effectively when an educator presents information in the learning style that we use (and like) the most. 

Online Courses: Quick. Convenient. Interactive.

An easy, interactive way for you to get valuable information you and your teachers need from experts in massage therapy. 

Building Blocks: Basics of Effective Teaching

Basic Elements of Instructional Design

Creating an Environment for Learning

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