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What is the MBLEx?

Governed by FSMTB, the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) serves as the national entry-level licensure exam for 46 of the 49 regulated jurisdictions.

What are my state's requirements?

Each state has different requirements. Visit the AMTA state regulations page to learn more about requirements and to find your state's Board of Massage Therapy.

Prepare for the Exam

Study for the Exam

The way you study for your licensure or certification exam should be the same way you study for your class exams. Do not drastically change your habits. Do not cram the night before an exam. Begin studying 3-4 weeks in advance for 45-minute increments. Walk away after each period of time and take a break.

Take practice exams offered by the individual organizations but do not memorize the questions. Practice exams can be a useful tool when preparing to take an exam, but do not simply memorize the questions, make sure you completely understand the concept. There are free practice exams online or you may purchase a study guide from online retailers.

AMTA's free online study guide provides MBLEx practice exams and study resources that you can access multiple devices.

Download AMTA's Free MBLEx Study Guide

What's on the MBLEx exam?

The exam covers the following topics:  

  • anatomy and physiology
  • kinesiology
  • pathology, contraindications, areas of caution, special populations
  • physiological effects of techniques that manipulate soft tissue
  • overview of massage & bodywork modalities/culture/history
  • ethics, boundaries, laws & regulations
  • guidelines for professional practice

Schedule The Exam

The Test Process

  1. Apply online or by mail to take the exam.
  2. FSMTB will process the application within 5 business days.
  3. You will receive an Authorization to Test email and have 90 days to take the exam.
  4. You will need to schedule your exam online or by phone.
  5. An appointment confirmation email will be sent after scheduling.
  6. Your results will be available at the test center.
  7. Results will be sent to your state board or agency within 24 hours.

When you sign up for the exam you will need to select a time, date and location. Sign up early as spots will fill up quickly. If you’re unsure of the location, driving there to ensure you know your way and where to park can help you be better prepared the day of.

The exam will cost you $265 to register. You may retake the exam if necessary, but you will be charged and you must fill out the Retake Application Form.

Take the MBLEx

Get plenty of sleep, eat before your exam and wear comfortable clothes. This will improve your recall and keep you and focused during your exam.

The Day of the Exam

Arrive early for your exam. Always leave enough time to get to your testing center to alleviate the stress of unforeseen circumstances like traffic.

You will need two forms of identification with you when going to the testing center. Check the website when you are signing up for details about what forms of identification are acceptable. 

You may not wear any jewelry or watches when taking the exam and you may not take any personal items into the testing room with you. You can check in advance if your testing location provides a locker to store your items.

The exam is graded electronically so you will know on the day of the exam if you have passed. The exam is a pass/fail result.

During the Exam

The exam is 100 multiple choice questions and is taken on a computer. You will have 2 hours to complete the exam. A progress indicator will be on your exam screen to show you how much of the exam you have completed along with how much time you have remaining. You must answer all the questions on the exam.

Read each question carefully. Make sure that you have read the question completely and understand what it is being asked before marking your answer. Go with your gut. If you have paid attention in class and studied go with your first instinct rather than questioning yourself several times and switching answers.

Never leave an answer blank. If you do not know the answer to a question put down your best guess and flag the question so you are able to come back to it if you have time at the end of the exam.