Branding and Graphics Tools: AMTA Logos Members Can Download

As a member, you are encouraged to use the AMTA member logo as a means of establishing your professionalism and credibility as a massage therapist.

You can use the AMTA member logo in many ways including your marketing materials, website, advertisements and signage.

Guidelines for Use of the AMTA Member Logos

Download a PDF of guidelines

  • Do not alter the logo. The AMTA logo, the words "American Massage Therapy Association" and acronym "AMTA" are all trademarked. Altering includes, but is not limited to, stretching, changing the color, using only parts of the design.
  • A “logo” includes the entirety of the image within a file AMTA provides – any words and images.
  • The AMTA logo can be used in full color, in black & white, or with the black replaced with reflex blue or PMS 288.
  • AMTA does not need to proof your final pieces as long as the logos are not being altered in any way.
  • You may use the logo in marketing materials and when describing your background.
  • You may not use the logo on materials that promote you as an instructor, or to endorse, sponsor, or recommend an event, product, service, or action.

Where to use each file type

  • JPG has a solid background and can be used in documents or on websites.
  • PNG has a transparent background and can be used on websites.
  • EPS has a transparent background and is the best file type to share with designers. Many non-designers do not have the software required to view this file type. Refer to the JPG file of the same name to preview what the EPS logo will look like.

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