Featured Hands-On CE Sessions at AMTA's National Convention

Earn 15.5+ CE credits of the highest-quality education in the massage profession at the AMTA 2024 National Convention in Tampa, FL!

Broaden your knowledge by exploring these featured hands-on CE sessions at the AMTA 2024 National Convention in Tampa, FL this September. Be sure to register soon to get your first choice of sessions!

Non-Fatiguing Passive Movement Techniques (Hands-on without table)

Discover how to seamlessly integrate new techniques into your massage practice that reduce the risk of over-use syndrome. Explore the use of gentle passive movement and mobilization to address clients' common complaints while easing the impact on your body. 
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Subtle Bodywork Techniques for Massage Therapists (Hands-on with table)

Subtle bodywork techniques can be safe and effective for individuals in hospice care, experiencing pain, or those unable to receive more intense or active forms of massage therapy for various reasons. Discover new techniques that can be integrated into a wide range of massage therapy settings, including healthcare facilities and private practices.
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Dimensional Massage Therapy for the Elbow, Hand, and Wrist (Hands-on with table)

Delve into anatomy, common conditions, and massage therapy approaches for the upper extremities, with a focus on the brachial plexus. Explore how careful attention to body mechanics, lubrication, and client needs allow for safe and effective massage sessions for forearm, wrist, and hand conditions.
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