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Public Relations Tools For Massage Therapists

Press Releases

These sample press releases are to help you communicate your professional qualifications to your community, through free notices in your local newspaper and/or local cable TV. Because media announcements are free, you will not be able to control if or when they are used. However, small weekly newspapers and cable TV companies tend to use such announcements as a service to the community.

The sample press releases include: 1) one to announce your practice, 2) one to announce your membership in AMTA and 3) one to announce your participation in a special event such as NMTAW.  For best results, do not send them at the same time.

How to Use Sample Press Releases

Formatting - Print Version

  • Retype the release on a sheet of white, 81/2 " x 11" paper. Use your professional letterhead, if you have one.
  • Type your name and contact information in the upper lefthand corner. If you use your professional letterhead, begin a few lines below the letterhead banner. Even if your letterhead contains the contact information, you need to include it as shown on the sample releases.
  • Leave a few blank spaces and type the headline.
  • Double-space the body of the release and type # # # or "end" at the bottom.
  • If your release goes to a second page, type "(more)" at the bottom center of page one. In the upper left hand corner of the second page, type "Page 2." Beneath "Page 2" type your last name, and beneath that the word "Massage." Skip a few lines and continue the release.
  • The top of page two would look something like this:

Page 2
Last Name

Formatting - Email Version

  • Use a form of business/professional letterhead for your email or provide your business name and contact information at the top of the page.
  • Do not use graphics, colors or any background on the page.
  • Single-space the body of the release and type ### or “end” at the bottom
  • Do not create page breaks if your release is more than one page.
  • Send the release as the body of the email. Most media outlets and writers block attachments to emails, so just have the release as the email.
  • Include the headline of your release as the email subject line.

What to Include

As the sample releases indicate, it is a good idea for you to include personal, professional information about yourself, so readers can know more about you. Remember, these releases are intended to tell people that you are a qualified professional, and they give you an opportunity to explain techniques in which you specialize.

In release A, after the next to last paragraph about your practice benefiting the community, is a generic paragraph about AMTA. This can reinforce your professional status by informing the reader that you are affiliated with a professional association.

To Deliver Your Press Release

Call the local newspaper and ask for the name of the person who should receive the release. Ask how the person prefers to receive press releases (email, mail, in person). Daily newspapers and weekly newspapers sometimes handle this differently. When you call, ask if there is someone who should receive releases about openings of local professional offices, professional news, or health-related news. They should be very cooperative. After all, they also want the information to go to the right person.

You can email, mail or hand-deliver the release based on how the media outlet prefers. WARNING! If you hand deliver the release, you shouldn’t expect to meet with someone. A receptionist probably will take it and deliver it.

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