Massage Liability Insurance and COVID

Understand how AMTA's liability insurance covers communicable diseases. 

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Massage During COVID: Are You Covered?

As we cautiously look to the future, massage therapists are considering enhanced protocols related to caring for their clients again, to help manage the risk involved in the COVID-19 era. Keeping everyone’s health top of mind is of primary concern.

Unfortunately, even with the most rigorous sanitation procedures, client screening, and social distancing precautions, there is still risk of COVID-19 transmission involved. For this reason, it’s important to gain a full understanding of your liability insurance coverage.

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Your AMTA Liability Coverage

Many have asked if your insurance will cover you if someone claims they contracted COVID-19 due to exposure during a massage session. AMTA members, rest assured, there are no exclusions on your policy for this Coronavirus or communicable diseases. As with any claim where an exclusion does not exist, for AMTA members who are practicing legally in their state, coverage is already available in their liability insurance policy. Massage therapists who are not AMTA members should check with their own provider. 

What AMTA's Liability Insurance Covers

Is this a new policy?

This is not a new component of coverage. AMTA has always been focused on providing the best benefits for its members, which includes a broad and contemporary liability insurance policyAnd that’s why, our professional liability policy, currently provided through HPSO, has included coverage for communicable diseases for decades. These terms were originally created with the intent of covering HIV in the early years before the disease was fully understood. The policy also provided coverage for AMTA members throughout outbreaks including SARS, the seasonal flu, and now COVID-19. You can feel confident knowing there is no exclusion to your policy for communicable diseases; and rest assured AMTA works closely with our insurance provider regularly to review the policy to ensure the coverage will continue to meet the needs of our members.

I have a question about my specific practice, who can I talk to?

If you feel you have been or are at risk of a claim that’s related to the providing of professional services and a patient/client being diagnosed with or infected by COVID-19, you should contact HPSO. They can review your claim and determine if coverage applies to your specific situation. Each claim must be evaluated on its unique facts and circumstances, as well as policy provisions and the allegations of a claim, in order to determine if coverage applies. Contact HPSO at 1-888-253-1474.

In summary, AMTA members, rest assured, there are no exclusions on your policy for this Coronavirus or communicable diseases. If you're not an AMTA member, make sure you check with your provider.  

Review additional considerations for massage therapists along with national, state and local requirements.

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