Thursday, August 24

View continuing education options for the day at the AMTA 2023 National Convention.

1:30-3:30pm, repeated 4-6pm | 2 CE Credits

Steps to Private Massage Therapy Practice

Massage therapists open private practices every year, yet many of us struggle with how to do it. Explore a structured approach to creating a private practice, starting with the critical decisions about who you are and what you want from your work. Walk through the details of opening and how to make sensible marketing decisions. Even if your practice is already up and running, this session can help you see what you might have missed along the way.

Kelly Bowers, LMBT has been teaching business to massage therapists and students as a continuing education provider in professional training programs for over 20 years. She also has published several books on business.

Managing Risk in Your Massage Career

Take a proactive approach to your career by learning how to protect yourself from common mistakes that even the best massage therapists can make. Explore the risks and learn about our recommendations on how to reduce malpractice exposures.

Kate Fox has over 15 years of insurance industry experience. As part of the Aon Affinity team, Kate’s core focus has been program development, account management and risk education for health care professional associations and their insurance and patient safety educational needs. Kate is a frequent speaker on risk education topics using data and evidence to support the discussions and topics.

Haley Williams, MBA, is an Account Specialist for Healthcare Providers Service Organization in the Healthcare Division of Aon’s Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. She is dedicated to providing knowledge to association partners and health care professionals about professional liability insurance products and services and how they can provide piece of mind.

Solving the Mysteries of Upper Extremity Neurodynamics

In this session, discover how to substantially improve outcomes for clients with upper-extremity neurological disorders. We’ll discuss conditions as cervical disc pathology, thoracic outlet and carpal tunnel syndromes, as well as double-crush and neural tension disorders. Learn how to differentiate between these conditions and gain a deeper understanding of their kinesiological and anatomical elements. Plus, explore neurodynamic testing, nerve mobilization techniques, and other massage methods, to effectively address these complex conditions.

Whitney Lowe, LMT has been a massage professional for over 35 years, with a career marked by clinical work, research, publications, and teaching. He specializes in addressing pain and injuries and is one of the pioneers of the orthopedic massage approach. He is the founder of the Academy of Clinical Massage, which offers online and hands-on continuing education in advanced massage.

Entrapment Neuropathy for the Lower Extremities

Entrapment neuropathy of the lower extremities is a common form of peripheral neuropathy that massage therapists may encounter. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of how we may be able to alleviate nerve pain, improve muscular function, and have lasting results, while staying within our scope of practice. We will discuss the common reasons for several types of lower extremity entrapment neuropathies and learn how to apply this knowledge in a massage therapy session.

Scott Raymond, LMT, BCTMB, RYT is a continuing education provider who has been a licensed massage therapist since 1998. He has been an entry-level educator and is an active volunteer whose practice is a blend of diverse bodywork methods.

Craniosacral Therapy...What is it Really?

In this session, we explore the anatomy and physiology of the CranioSacral System and its pace and sequence of healing. Learn how CranioSacral Therapy (CST) can help with a variety of conditions while achieving better outcomes for your clients. Together, we will review literature supporting this promising massage therapy technique and how it can help even the most complex clients in your massage practice.

Mariann Sisco, PT, CST-D is a practicing physical therapist with 35 years of experience. She maintains a private practice and is a Certified Instructor in CranioSacral Therapy (CST) for the Upledger Institute, she is also a Certified Presenter in Visceral Manipulation for the Barral Institue. Mariann is an examiner for CST Techniques Certification program and she also participates as a primary therapist for research studies in PTSD.

Mastering Massage Strategies for Pain Management

In this session, discover structural dynamics strategies for addressing common pain issues from head to foot. As we systematically work our way through the body, we will explore massage therapy approaches for hammer toes to headaches, patellofemoral pain syndrome to lateral epicondylitis, and everything in between.

Ann Teachworth has been working in integrative health, human performance, and movement for 15 years. She is an educator for massage therapists and yoga instructors, and focuses on functional anatomy, kinesiology, and mind-body training.

Lynn Teachworth is certified in over 20 massage and complementary medicine techniques and has been in the profession since 1993. Lynn has also worked with many professional athletes to address injuries and physical/mental performance.

Trauma-Informed Practice: An Evidence-Based Approach to Holistic Care

Trauma in any form has been linked to increased rates of chronic disease. In this interactive session, discover how to integrate the five core principles of trauma-informed care into your massage practice. Delve into the hidden impacts of trauma on the brain, emotions, and physiology, while exploring holistic approaches that can be effectively used with your clients to improve their outcomes and empower their choices. Plus, learn when it’s time to refer out to other healthcare practitioners.

Brian Trzaskos, PT, LMT, is a holistic health expert and co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation coaching. He is the President of NEW Health, Inc. and the Director of Education at the Somatic Coaching Academy. He is nationally recognized for his work in training and mentoring health care professionals in evidence-based practices of mindfulness, Tai Chi, and trauma-sensitive somatic coaching.