Thursday, September 12th

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1:30-3:30pm, repeated 4-6pm | 2 CE Credits

Understanding and Managing Chronic Pain with Massage Therapy

In this session, we will demystify chronic pain by looking at the latest research and conclusive evidence of the most effective therapies. Learn how to identify various types of chronic pain and to break “chronic pain” into sub-categories. Find out how this differentiation process gives us the ability to observe and understand which type of pain responds best to which kind of massage therapy.

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The Art of Layer Palpation for Massage Therapists

Fascial restrictions can occur in multiple tissue layers, including the skin, superficial fascia, deep fascia, joints, muscles, and around the organs. Determining which regions to focus on to optimize results can be confusing. In this session, discover how using the concept of layer palpation can help massage therapists locate and release fascial restrictions in specific problem areas more quickly and effectively.

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How Massage Therapists Can Navigate Athlete Relationships

In this session, we will explore the issues surrounding sports medicine, delving into the complexities of managing injuries and navigating interpersonal dynamics with athletes. Topics include handling athletic personalities in relation to injuries, understanding the hierarchy in training rooms, and addressing considerations within the sports medicine team, such as NCAA compliance and proper referral procedures. This content is designed to be particularly valuable for massage therapists actively practicing sports massage or those interested in exploring therapeutic massage in the athletic realm.

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Managing Risk in Your Massage Career

Take a proactive approach to your career by learning how to protect yourself from common mistakes that even the most experienced massage therapists can make. Explore the risks and gain recommendations on how to reduce malpractice exposures.

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Cupping to Relieve the Symptoms of Stress

This two-hour lecture session will introduce the basic techniques of cupping and how to incorporate them in your massage therapy practice to relieve symptoms of stress in your clients. Come explore the common symptoms of stress and identify which ones are within our scope of practice. We will also look at the basic indications of cupping and the impact they can have on our clients. Contraindications and safety precautions around cupping will also be covered to ensure safe practice.

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Creating Abundance in Your Massage Therapy Practice

This session will take participants through a curriculum designed to empower massage therapists to build a solid business foundation for their practice. Discover the next level of your massage business through creating and implementing support programs that meet and exceed client needs and expectations. Find out how to establish a stream of passive income with simple online client-based courses.

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Managing Fibromyalgia for Massage Therapists

Fibromyalgia is a chronic and complex illness characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain often accompanied by fatigue, sleep disturbances, and memory problems along with other cognitive and physical issues. In this session, learners will gain an understanding of the best practices for managing fibromyalgia. Explore the current science on fibromyalgia, and how massage therapists can use their education and skills to provide the best support and therapeutic care for people living with this condition.

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Best Practices in Pregnancy Massage

In this session, we will delve into the current best practices in pregnancy massage with a special focus on early pregnancy and unique circumstances, such as high-risk and post-surgery. We will also look at how massage therapy can reduce the risk of preterm birth and perinatal depression, along with additional ways to support pregnancy including hydrotherapy and CBD products.

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