Massage Practice Financial Management

Owning your own massage therapy practice is exciting and offers you a great deal of flexibility. Knowing the number of massages you'll need to provide to make a profit, what the demand is for massage therapy in your area, and the financial records you'll need to keep are all integral to your success. Use these resources to take financial control of your massage business!

Business Finances - Massage Therapy Practice

Your Taxes as a Massage Therapist

As a business professional, it is your responsibility to understand how to calculate how much you owe in taxes, what expenses are allowable as deductions and when your taxes are due. AMTA's online CE course Take Care of Your Taxes can help you navigate the process

Common Tax Deductions for Massage Therapists

Learn about common tax deductions for your massage practice, including eligible deductions and the importance of professional advice.

Keeping Financial Records as a Massage Therapist
Devising a system or a routine for your massage business finances will help you maintain accurate records on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, saving you hours, maybe days, of work quarterly (when…
Types of Financial Records for Your Massage Business

Whether you do your own accounting and bookkeeping or hire a professional to do it for you, you need a reliable method for keeping track of how much money comes into and goes out of your massage therapy business.

Estimating Your Massage Practice's Monthly Expenses

One of the basic requirements of establishing a massage therapy business is estimating your expenses so you can create a budget. You should estimate expensese when you first start your practice, as well as when you annually review your budget.

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