Public Relations Tools: Raising Public Awareness of Massage Therapy

Grow your practice by increasing public awareness of massage therapy where you live, through educational presentations and media relations. Many of these ideas can be used to reach different target audiences, such as potential clients and health care professionals who might refer prospective clients to you.


  • Arrange massage clinics at local tax service centers for stress relief on April 15
    - Alert TV morning news shows local radio stations and invite them to send an on-air personality to the event
  • May is Arthritis Month – partner with local nursing homes and hospice care facilities
    - Schedule a presentation or demonstration for health care professionals on massage for arthritis relief
    - Give massage discount coupons to seniors
    - Send a press release to local newspaper health and seniors reporters about the event
    - Work with a local weekly newspaper to write a special article or column about massage and arthritis


  • This is the season for weekend athletes and overstressed muscles
    - If you’re a sports massage therapist, contact local sports equipment stores and schedule a presentation
    - Alert newspaper health writers about the event

  • Host free massage therapy discussions or demonstrations at organic grocery stores or vitamin shops

  •  Contact organizers of local summer fairs, markets and festivals and sponsor a massage demonstration booth

  • Provide information about your practice and massage demonstrations at hospital wellness fairs


  • National Massage Therapy Awareness Week® is the last week of October
    - Support an AMTA chapter event to attract public and media attention to massage and AMTA
    - Hold your own activity and use the latest information from AMTA about consumer use of massage
    - Target morning TV news programs, radio shows, newspapers and other media outlets.
    - Use social media to your advantage. Write posts about the value of massage and the importance of choosing an AMTA member
  • Leaf raking adds up to a lot of sore muscles
    - Hold massage demonstrations at a local hardware store


  • Contact your local college/university student services center and set up massage therapy demonstrations during finals  
    - Alert the student newspaper and local media, and encourage them to come out and talk with students about their massages
    - Ask the college radio station to broadcast live from your event
  • Snow shoveling is a good news angle

    - Hold massage clinics at a local hardware store
    - Alert community newspaper photographers (this is a good photo opportunity)

  • Work with hospitals, wellness centers and clinics to educate healthcare professionals and consumers about massage and your practice 

How to Get Your Message Across

AMTA provides a wealth of information and materials to support your public awareness and media relations efforts. Download AMTA fact sheets and press releases.

Be sure to reference these key messages: 

  • AMTA practitioner-members are qualified massage therapists.
  • AMTA and its members are the best resources for information about massage.
  • Research is proving the benefits of massage.

Think about why each audience might be interested in massage and tailor your message to the clientele you seek. Remember to educate reporters and others on the therapeutic benefits of massage and to reinforce your affiliation with AMTA.

"I chose AMTA because they are committed to advancing the profession."

Jackie R., AMTA member since 2011