Safety & Security: Risk Management for Massage Therapy Practices

Clients look to your massage practice for a relaxing safe haven. In order to provide this critical element, you need to address safety and security precautions to your massage business.

The best safety measure is prevention. Awareness of the potential hazards is fundamental to creating a plan to address safety risks. One of the first steps should be to assess what areas of your business could provide potential safety hazards.

Physical Safety Features

  • Check the sidewalk and entrance to your office for obstacles and toe catches.
  • Assure that all ice and snow is cleared prior to your first appointment.
  • Review and approve your building’s maintenance and cleaning plan.
  • Keep stairways and hallways free of clutter.
  • Check the stability of railings along stairways and hallways.
  • Keep throw rugs to a minimum, and make sure they do not pose a safety risk
  • Assure that your massage table is in good repair.
  • Create a standard protocol for collecting an incident report from a client that does have an accident due to the physical feature of your building

Medical Preparedness

  • Learn to administer first aid, including CPR.
  • Keep your first aid kit easily accessible.
  • Remind clients to dispose of candy or gum before they get on the massage table.
  • Practice universal precautions as standard procedure.
  • Take a thorough intake before performing a massage

Personal Security

  • Screen first-time clients to verify that they clearly understand the nature of massage therapy.
  • Ask clients to read and sign an information form which explains what to expect during the massage therapy session.
  • Set office policies regarding personal property, loss, restricted access and personal privacy
  • Install an emergency buzzer in case you need to call for assistance.
  • Have a plan for handling inappropriate comments or behavior by clients.

Creating a safety and security plan is not a one-time event. With periodic review and ongoing attention to security concerns, you and your clients can relax and enjoy the full benefits of massage.

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