Massage Therapy Journal

Winter 2019

Current issue: Winter 2019

Don't Shoulder the Pain

Research studies are demonstrating the effectiveness of massage therapy in treating a variety of shoulder conditions.

Nov 1, 2019
There's a fine line between plantar fasciitis and plantar fasciosis.
Renew Your Mind
Aug 1, 2019
Seven questions to jump-start a self-care reality check and figure out what's working, and what's not.
Promising Approaches to Pain Relief
Aug 1, 2019
With the opioid epidemic looming large in America, finding integrative therapies that can help people manage pain is crucial. Here's what some of the leading experts on pain have to say about the role of massage therapy in pain management.
Massage Therapy & Autoimmune Disorders
Aug 1, 2019
As these disorders become more prevalent, researchers look at whether massage therapy can help relieve pain.
Client Outreach: Nonpharmacological Approaches to Pain
Aug 1, 2019
Post-treatment pain scores for inpatients following integrative medicine services
Research: Cumulative Effects of Regular Massage
Aug 1, 2019
What effect does massage have on immune function?


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