AMTA 2024-25 Board of Directors Sworn Into Office

Congratulations to the American Massage Therapy Association 2024-25 Board of Directors who were sworn into office on March 8th. They include:

  • President Kimberly Kane-Santos (PA)
  • President-Elect Cindy E. Farrar (GA)
  • Immediate-Past President Christine Bailor-Goodlander (NY)


  • Jaime Bernardo, Jr. (MD)
  • Rick Greely (OH)
  • Donald Goodale (NY)
  • Jane Horton Johnson (GA)
  • Lee Stang (NC)

They will be joining four continuing Board of Directors – Heber J. Blackner (UT), Robert C. Jantsch (PA), Cheryl L. Siniakin (PA) and LaDonna Ward (AL).

The National Board of Directors sets the course for the association and its commitment to advancing the profession. They are dedicated to best serving AMTA members and the entire massage therapy profession. We look forward to a great year ahead.