AMTA Soft Skills Series for Schools

In addition to the rigorous hands-on training required of massage therapists, there are other skill areas that schools and teachers must help students develop before they enter the work force. AMTA has developed a "soft skills series" that focuses on these critical areas.

Schools and teachers are encouraged to distribute these helpful resources to their students and display them throughout the school.

Communicating with Clients

Strong communication skills are critical to building a strong client base. Having clear communication channels in place will help you support your clients, develop your abilities and grow your business.





Hygiene: For You and Your Treatment Room

Developing good hygiene habits early in your career is essential for the health of you, your clients and your massage practice.







Part 1-Study Skills: Start Early

Developing good study habits early in your education is essential for success both in the classroom and when preparing for your massage therapy licensure/certification exams.





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