COVID-19 Resources for Massage Therapists

AMTA is committed to supporting the health and safety of our massage therapy community with COVID-19 information and resources.

We remain committed to supporting the health and safety of our massage therapy community. Now that COVID has been a part of our lives for several years, we are in a very different place from where we were back in March 2020 — we have more information about how the virus spreads, prevention methods, and access to improved treatment options. 

During the pandemic, many chronic pain services were disrupted as healthcare systems were forced to redirect resources to non-urgent, outpatient care, towards intensive care units for COVID patients. This delayed access exacerbated the pain crisis in the country. Today, massage therapy is more crucial than ever — helping people with pain relief, stress reduction, and improving the quality of lives.  

State, Local and Federal Guidelines

Although most COVID restrictions and guidelines have been lifted around the U.S., we encourage all massage therapists to continue to focus on the best practices for maintaining a healthy and safe environment for themselves and their clients. This can include enhanced sanitation protocols and client screenings. For in-depth guidance, we encourage you to follow the science and look to the top health experts at the CDC and OSHA, and your state.

COVID-19 and Your AMTA Liability Insurance

Many massage therapists have asked if AMTA’s insurance will cover them if someone claims they have contracted COVID due to exposure during a massage session. AMTA members, rest assured, there are no exclusions on your policy for this Coronavirus or communicable diseases. As with any claim where an exclusion does not exist, for AMTA members who are practicing legally in their state, coverage is already available in their liability insurance policy. Massage therapists who are not AMTA members should check with their own provider.

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