Public Relations: Putting Together a Press Release

A press release is a tool to communicate your professional qualifications, your participation in special events and other news about your massage practice to your community.

Putting Together Your Press Release:

  • Most newspapers, trade magazines and online websites prefer to receive press releases via email. It's also the quickest and most cost-effective way to get your release to the right person.
  • Use a form of electronic business/professional letterhead as your e-mail template. Always provide your business name and contact information at the top of your press release.
  • Single-space the body of the release and type ### or “end” at the bottom 
  • Send the release as the body of the email. Many media outlets and writers block attachments to emails, so you have a better chance of getting noticed if the release is in the body of the email.
  • Include the headline of your release as the email subject line.

Tips for Working With the Media 

  • Explore your local newspaper's website to find out who should receive releases about openings of local professional offices, professional news or health-related news. Or call the publication and ask who your press release should be directed to. 
  • Keep track of the names of healthcare and lifestyle reporters in your local media. Get contact information (address, telephone, fax) for these reporters and producers at your local newspapers and TV stations. Make your own media list. 
  • After a few days, you can follow-up to ensure your release was received and to find out if anyone will be covering your event or announcement.
  • Think creatively! If a reporter isn’t interested in covering one event, describe another that may capture his or her attention.