Massage Therapy in Integrative Care & Pain Management

Explore new research demonstrating massage therapy's value and efficacy for pain management and relief. 

Massage Therapy for Integrative Health Care cover

Massage and Integrative Care 

Massage therapy's role in integrative health care has become widely accepted in major hospitals and in daily medical practice. A wealth of research has also shown the impact of massage therapy for pain management and relief. To support these conversations, this publication explores new research demonstrating massage therapy's value and efficacy.

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Latest Science on the Practice of Massage Therapy

The first section of the publication examines the latest research demonstrating massage therapy's impact on a range of health issues, and case studies of how it's applied in health care settings. 

Economic Case for the Use of Massage Therapy

The second section provides an economic model for massage therapy as a first line approach to assist in the overall reduction of medical costs that currently exist when treating pain with opioids. Massage therapy can be an integrated complement to other non-pharmacological and pharmacological approaches to pain management. 

This new educational tool is meant to inform conversations about the current science behind massage therapy and its role in an integrative approach to health care when speaking with:

  • Legislators
  • Insurance companies
  • Collaborators in the health care profession
  • Clients 
  • Colleagues 

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