Mentoring Program Overview

The AMTA Mentoring Program was designed to help improve communication skills, goal-setting, and success planning for AMTA members just entering the massage therapy profession.

What is mentoring?

In general, mentoring is:

  • a sustained relationship, often in a career-oriented setting, between an experienced and trusted person who gives advice (the mentor) to another less-experienced person (the mentee).
  • the process by which a person offers guidance and instruction to assist mentees in their personal and career development.

Who is a mentee? 
A student or professional seeking advice and guidance from an experienced professional in one's chosen field.

What does a mentor offer?

  • Guidance
  • Friendship
  • Support

A mentor is not a parent, professional counselor, or financial advisor.

Goals of the AMTA's Mentoring Program

  • Assist massage therapists who are new to the profession with personal development, business development and understanding of theory and practice of massage therapy
  • Help massage therapists adjust to and navigate their new career
  • Allow mentors to give back to the profession and AMTA and grow personally
  • Encourage mentees to realize their full potential

Why participate?

Rewards for all participants include:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Foster lasting friendships
  • Network and community involvement
  • Share mutual interests
  • Sharpen communication skills

 Mentee rewards include:

  • Professional development
  • Having a person to turn to who has experience in the industry
  • Enhanced reputation and professionalism
  • Opportunity to overcome personal challenges 
  • One-on-one support from trusted professional
  • Objective feedback on skills
  • Increased career satisfaction

Mentor rewards include:

  • Aid in creating higher standards for the industry
  • Learning and connecting with your mentee
  • Knowing that you made a difference
  • Eligible to receive the Mentor of the Year Award

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