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Why Choose an AMTA Member as Your Massage Therapist?

  • AMTA members are the most trusted massage therapists in the United States.
  • Members must meet AMTA membership requirements.
  • Members adhere to a professionally recognized code of ethics and standards of practice.
  • Members are committed to continuing their professional education and development.

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Have you heard? AMTA promoted massage on the radio!

In 2018, AMTA launched a nationwide radio advertising campaign to promote our members and the value of massage therapy! As AMTA celebrated 75 years of health and wellness through massage therapy, we reminded you how to find an AMTA massage therapist right here at

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Massage is Good MedicineTM

Take advantage of the many health benefits of massage therapy. Learn more about how you can benefit from massage therapy, and schedule a massage with an AMTA massage therapist.

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Massage Therapy Research

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"As a professional member of AMTA, I have found comfort in knowing that all the effort I put into obtaining my massage certification is recognized and protected. AMTA standards validate the profession."

Kim K., AMTA member since 2003