Kate Block


Kate Block


    About Kate

    i offer you highly skilled, compassionate care that partners with, supports and inspires YOU through your journey to become your happiest, healthiest self. 

    i view mindful, knowledgeable bodywork as part of the integrative medicine wheel and as an instrument of our holistic health self-care.  i also view our work as a practice and a partnership

    our practice is profound in its opportunities for healing and enhanced well-being.  mind/body connection in its full luminescent glory. 

    in partnership we listen to your body's inner wisdom. our work becomes a quiet conversation, a joint melding of mindfulness and expertise.  together, we locate and release restrictions. this  practice of releasing or melting away restrictions, hydrates and increases fluidity in the tissue and allows for optimal reorganization to take place. 

    my approach finds grounding in the study of soft tissue work--myofascial release therapycranial sacral therapy, deep tissue, and trigger point/ neuromuscular therapy, as well as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and yoga.

    i am certified in pregnancy massage and bring to you my knowledge and training as a birth doula as well. i appreciate the vast changes mamas-to-be experience both physically and emotionally and get nerdy excited about the positive physiological effects routine prenatal massage can have for both mom and babe.

    in every session, i promise to be fully present with you. to listen openly.  to hold sacred space for you. to be guided by and work in unison with the deep wisdom shared through your mind, body, and spirit. 

    Techniques practiced

    • CranioSacral(SM)
    • Deep Tissue massage
    • Myofascial Massage
    • Myofascial release
    • Pregnancy Massage

    Where I practice

    • Chiropractic Office
    • Client’s House

    Clients accepted

    male, female, children


    State license/Certificate: GA 010829
    Experience: 11-20 years

    Gift certificates

    I sell gift certificates


    I do not accept insurance



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