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About Roy

I absolutely love the difference I help people make as they embark on their own individual journeys to better health, relief and wellness. I remember as a youngster how my Mother, Grandmother, and Aunties were in great need of bodywork due to the obstacles placed before single-parented Black households. 

Early on, the basic relaxation techniques were ingrained in my repertoire of handiwork services aside from chores and taking care of myself outside the home, because Mom would Demand of us to rock her to sleep using a whole foot to apply direct pressure to tender points and at times she would need the smallest of the bunch to walk along her back. Over time, I had developed my own flow as I too grew and began to discover the same obstacles that brought on aches and pains. 

I wrestled Heavyweight in high school at an even 200lbs, though my competition outweighed me by 150lbs at times, especially during State Championships for two years consecutively. I sustained a plethora of injuries from ankle sprains, torn menisci and rotator cuffs, to seemingly bouts of depression on my way to peak performance in sports. A kid can only take so much Ibuprofen, and always getting Dr.’s recommendations was not helping me excel in the field, gym, or in classrooms, so I relied on Massage (well, a lot of Twizzlers also) to get me through the pains along the path of progression to success. I would love to utilize my knowledge and experience to further help others committed to the same path.

Techniques practiced

  • Acupressure
  • Cancer/Oncology Massage
  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Myofascial release
  • Pressure Point Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Structural Integration
  • Trigger Point therapy

Where I practice

  • Chiropractic Office
  • Client’s House
  • Client’s Office
  • Day Spa
  • Health Club/Fitness Center
  • Hospital
  • Massage Office
  • Medical Office
  • Nursing Home/Hospice
  • Rehab Center
  • Resort
  • Salon
  • Wellness Center

Clients accepted

male, female


State license/Certificate: MN 2018-112
Experience: 4-10 years

Gift certificates

I sell gift certificates


I do not accept insurance



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