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The Moschel Method is a Three-Dimensional approach to the treatment of duysfunction that centerson the interconnectedness of the body's elementsand the dynamic nature of the body to adjust for self-protection.The Method is based on a Model of the Body called the Tetrahedron Pyramid system,in which the parts of the body are conceptualized as a interconnected series of three-dimensional pyramids(called tetrahedrons).When any of these tetrahedrons act-or are acted upon-the shapes above and below it are affected as well. 

Brief overview of the skeletal-Muscular System.

The body is a complicated system of bones,tendons,ligaments,joints,connective tissues and muscles that are interconnected and constantly self -adjusting.When any part of the body experiences misalignment,trauma,or damage,the other parts react and compensate for that damage.The phenomeon is called a dysfunctional reaction in the body.

Just as we move in three dimensions externally so do the elements of our bodies internally guided by the natural internal gyroscope that keeps our bodies in balance and moving.

Sometimes the adjustments our bodies make to keep balanced are actually detrimental to our bodies.

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Michael Moschel is the most accomplished therapist I have ever Known.

.David Z Prince ,MD,FAAPMR -Director Cardiac Rehabilitation and recovery program,Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine .

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