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Anne Golla

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District Rolfing and Structural Thai Bodywork

About Anne

District Rolfing offers Rolfing Structural Integration and other holistic manual and movement approaches in the heart of NW Washington DC.  Our goal is to transform how you feel in your body. I offer Rolfing, visceral and neural manipulation, Egoscue exercise therapy, and Thai massage for pain relief, improved physical function, alignment and self-expression, and enhanced performance in sports and yoga, and mental focus.  By tuning in rather than out to your body, and actively engaging you in the process, we create lasting results. 

Rolfing structural integration uses hands-on bodywork and movement to improve the body's structural balance and ease of movement.  It works proprioception and coordinating muscular movement as well as releasing fascial restrictions.

Visceral manipulation uses light, perceptive touch to release restrictions in the connective tissue surrounding organs and other structures in the abdomen, pelvis, and thorax.  In addition to helping with many GI and abdominal issues it is often essential to resolving many stubborn joint problems in the shoulders, knees, and neck.

Neural manipulation uses precise, light to influence the structures around the nerve and the nerve itself.  Communicating with the nerves is essential to releasing many musculoskeletal issues.

Egoscue exercise therapy empowers you to help yourself by teaching you exercises tailored to your body to relieve pain and tension.

Thai massage tunes you in to your body and focuses your mind more than any other manual therapy.  It's a combination of deep acupressure, shiatsu and assisted stretching or yoga - one session may include foot massage, abdominal massage, and facial massage. Thai massage is ideal if you feel out of balance, stressed out, anxious or fatigued.  Tok sen also available.

I am a Certified Rolfer.

Techniques practiced

  • Active Isolated Stretching
  • Acupressure
  • Movement Education
  • Myofascial Massage
  • Other
  • Rolfing®
  • Structural Integration
  • Thai Massage

Where I practice

  • Therapist’s Private Practice Office

Clients accepted

male, female


State license/Certificate: DC 2103
Experience: 4-10 years


I do not accept insurance



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