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(DSJ Sports Injury Trauma)

Bodywork techniques tailor-made for:

  • Sports Athletes,
  • Individuals living with Chronic Pain,
  • Those recovering from Injuries,
  • Bodies affected by scar tissue,
  • Survivors of trauma,
  • and People dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and Dissociative Disorders

*Virtual Postural Ergonomic Evaluations available*

I am a(n):

   Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)
    Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist (ANMT)
    Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS)
    California Massage Therapy Council Certified   Therapist (CAMTC#4879)
    Professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association
    Virtual Postural Ergonomic Evaluator
    Mentor / Advanced Therapeutic Educator / Consultant
    Curriculum Developer & Evaluator for CAMTC approval of Massage Schools

I am trained in a variety of techniques:

    Sports Massage
    Injury Rehabilitation
    Chronic Pain Management
    Trauma Repatterning
    Advanced Deep Tissue
    Neuromuscular Therapy
    MyoFascial Facilitation
    Scar Tissue Mobilization

I strive to obtain, in detail, the current items needing focus, any concerns you may have about the bodywork, and your treatment goals.

When you are ready to set up an appointment with me, please text or BOOK NOW and I will text back, or the automated system will, to confirm the details of your appointment, and also answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for visiting, and may you find relief.

See you soon...

Techniques practiced

  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Movement Education
  • Myofascial Massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Neuromuscular
  • Orthopedic Massage
  • Somatic Movement (SM)
  • Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point therapy

Where I practice

  • Therapist’s Private Practice Office

Clients accepted

male, female, children


State license/Certificate: CA 4879
Experience: 4-10 years


I do not accept insurance



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