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1010 Villa Dr Ste 104
Euless, TX 76040-4243
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Phone: (682)503-6167
Website: http://www.bkkbeauty.net

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State License/Certificate: TX ME5739


Inspired by the organic beauty and wellness practices of Thailand, mother-daughter duo Chivada and Rikida Starace opened BKK Beauty in November of 2019, making it the first-ever Thai massage and beauty studio in Dallas-Fort Worth. “My mom travels extensively and one of the things we noticed is that there wasn’t a place to go for traditional Thai massage in the Midcities-area. Which was such a shame because anyone who’s ever had a Thai massage can tell you it’s a complete mind-body experience like no other. You feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and maybe a little sore from all the stretching and body manipulation if you’re not used to it!” 

Originating almost 7,000 years ago, the ancient art of Thai massage is an oil-less massage that involves stretching, back walking, and pressure point technique. Thai massage therapists follow the energy (Sen) lines on the body, which stimulates and improves the functions of internal organs, helps relieve pain from aching muscles and stiff joints, and improves blood circulation and flexibility. This form of bodywork is traditionally performed on a large floor mat or platform massage table with the client wearing comfortable clothes that allow for movement. Sometimes called floor yoga, this style of massage will stretch your body into a variety of positions that most closely resemble yoga positions. Through this stretching, you'll relieve muscle tension, increase mobility, add to muscle tone, and break up muscle scar tissue. 

​Since we’ve opened our doors, BKK Beauty has become more than a professional massage studio. It’s become a brand and a network, connecting individuals with talented professionals in the fields of massage therapy, hair care, and skincare. “At our core, we’re passionate about helping people from all walks of life look and feel their best through a holistic total-body care program that addresses both pain-management and stress-management issues. Knowing that our services help people have a better sense of self and provide them that boost of positive energy to go out and tackle the world, is the best part of operating our business." 

Sawadee Ka! 🙏