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Jersey City, NJ 07307
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Phone: (201)424-9696

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Do you have chronic pain or stiffness?
Do you feel stressed out?
Do you want more zen, joy and zest?

I answered yes to all these questions and imagine you do, too. Through the activities of daily living, our joints become stiffer, we develop aches that don’t go away, and we can’t relax. I spent 35 years hunched over my desk which gave me chronic pain, stole my joy, and wore away at my zest. Finally, I discovered MELT Method, a simple self-care technique using soft balls and rollers. Using MELT’s gentle tools and moves several times a week for as little as ten minutes per session helped me to regain mobility in my joints. Getting regular massages in addition to MELTing restored my zen, joy and zest for living.  

In 2017, I retired from my 35-year career in the affordable housing field to train for my encore career as a Massage Therapist and MELT Method Instructor. Now that I have completed my training, I have established ZenJoy Zest and am looking forward to releasing your pain when you book a session that combines therapeutic massage with MELT Method.

I offer the following services in the privacy of your home:

·         -Therapeutic Massage plus MELT Method Lesson

·         -Private MELT Method Hand and Foot Treatment Lesson

·        -Private MELT Method Roller Lesson

I also offer the following service for groups at offices and meeting places: 

·         -Group MELT Method Hand and Foot Treatment Lesson

Book a session with me today to release pain and restore your ZenJoy Zest!