Eecole H Copen

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Portland, OR 97218
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Phone: 503-449-6755

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Reconnect, calm your nerves, decrease discomfort, breathe more deeply.

The basis for the belly massage modality I offer is a combination of traditional Chinese abdominal massage, called Chi Nei Tsang and my own intuitive form. Whether you come to this work because of a history of feeling disconnected from your belly, because you have pain, or just want your belly touched, we will work together to heal your relationship to this core part of your body. We will bring loving attention to an area often ignored. This work can also help you breathe more deeply,  release tension,  deflate distention, calm the nervous system, increase circulation and detach adhesions that may block optimal digestive functioning.  It addresses all of the major organs and systems in the body. When we work on the belly, we work on the whole body. In addition, I am a Registered Dietitian and offer nutrition counseling as adjunct therapy to belly massage. I primarily work with clients who suffer from IBS, SIBO, and general digestive dis-ease and belly tension.