Fascial Therapy Online Courses

AMTA Fascial Therapy Continuing Education Program Online Courses

The American Massage Therapy Association's Fascial Therapy Continuing Education Program includes three online courses. Earn 11 CE credits conveniently online while expanding your knowledge of fascial therapy.

Each online CE course contains in-depth content focusing on the science of fascia, benefits and contraindications and techniques. The courses include additional tools expanding upon concepts and outside resources for those interested in additional reading and research related to this area of massage therapy.

Take these fascial therapy courses on their own or as part of the AMTA Fascial Therapy Continuing Education Program.

Fascial Therapy: the Science of Fascia

$60 members / $100 nonmembers     4.0 CE credits

Massage therapists take a comprehensive look at fascia, its formation and makeup, and how restrictions can occur.

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Fascial Therapy: Benefits & Contraindications for Massage Clients

$45 members / $75 nonmembers     3.0 CE credits

Learn how to identify fascial restrictions and where its dysfunctions appear. Get  information on contraindications for fascial therapy and how to make assessments and plan treatment for massage therapy clients with fascial restrictions. 

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Fascial Therapy: Techniques for Massage Therapists

$60 members / $100 nonmembers     4.0 CE credits

Find out why fascial therapy is successful through anatomical reasons, and how to choose the best technique to help your massage therapy clients. Learn more essential fascial therapy approaches in the hands-on workshop.

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Continue Learning in the Hands-on Workshop

Take an inside look at practical applications of fascial therapy. Explore various styles, techniques and philosophies of fascial therapy, and the physiological responses of both the fascia and the rest of the body to the techniques while earning 8 CE credits.

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