AMTA Fascial Therapy Continuing Education Program

Explore the science of fascia, contraindications and techniques

Are you looking for advanced continuing education to enhance your massage therapy practice? Fascial therapy can benefit your clients dealing with postural inefficiencies, movement dysfunction, scar tissue, athletic recovery and more.

Having the proper training and education is vital for your clients and your professional credibility. With the AMTA Fascial Therapy Continuing Education Program, learn fundamental information on the numerous techniques related to fascial therapy through online courses and a hands-on workshop.

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AMTA Fascial Therapy Continuing Education Program

Online Courses

Advance your massage therapy career with three online courses exploring various aspects of fascial therapy, including contraindications and benefits, techniques and the science of fascia.

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Hands-On Workshop

Get hands-on fascial therapy instruction from top teachers in the field. Learn techniques and approaches to get the most out of the Fascial Therapy Continuing Education Program.

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Rigorously Vetted Continuing Education

The AMTA Fascial Therapy Continuing Education Program was developed with top educators and experts in the field of fascial therapy.  The courses are rigorously vetted and NCBTMB-approved. The content reviews concepts such as:

  • Definition of fascia
  • Kinesiology
  • Overview of fascial restrictions
  • Indications for fascial therapy
  • Contraindications (local and systemic)
  • Assessment and documentation
  • How fascial therapy works
  • Approaches to working with fascia
  • Performing fascial therapy

"AMTA is an awesome organization. I can’t imagine any massage therapist not joining."

Karen T., AMTA member since 2002