AMTA's Massage Therapy in Integrative Care & Pain Management

Special thanks goes out to the following contributors for their assistance with AMTA's Massage Therapy in Integrative Care & Pain Management

Special Contributors:

Brent Bauer MD, Director, Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program, Mayo Clinic 
Niki Munk, PhD, LMT, Assistant Professor-Health Sciences, Indiana University
Angela Barker, LMT, BCTMB, AMTA Board of Directors 
Ann Blair Kennedy, LMT, BCTMB, DrPH, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina
Douglas Nelson, President, Massage Therapy Foundation
Guy D’Andrea, Managing Partner, Discern Health
John Dunham, CEO, John Dunham & Associates
Mike Stojsavljevich, Director Midwest Operations, John Dunham & Associates

Special Acknowledgements:

Joan Nichols, President, AMTA Board of Directors
Christopher Deery, President-Elect, AMTA Board of Directors
Dolly Wallace, Immediate Past President, AMTA Board of Directors
Steve Albertson, AMTA Board of Directors
Christine Bailor-Goodlander, AMTA Board of Directors
Michaele Colizza, AMTA Board of Directors
Kimberly Kane-Santos, AMTA Board of Directors
Patty Phillips, AMTA Board of Directors
Scott Raymond, AMTA Board of Directors
Ed Sansbury, AMTA Board of Directors
LaDonna Ward, AMTA Board of Directors
Deborah Outlaw, JD, The Outlaw Group, Washington, DC
Clark E. Simpson, MBA, MEd, RKT, LAT, ATC, President/CEO, The Clark Group Associates, Inc.

Editorial Support:

Jeff Flom, Chief Operations Officer, AMTA
Jocelyn Pysarchuk
, Senior Director, Knowledge Transfer, AMTA
Dave French, Senior Director, Business Development and Market Research, AMTA
James Specker, Director, Government and Industry Relations, AMTA
Ron Precht, Senior Manager, Communications, AMTA
Michelle Vallet, Deputy Editor, Massage Therapy Journal, AMTA
Patricia Bardon, Senior Government Relations Specialist, AMTA
Trish Cleary, Director, Marketing, AMTA
Jennifer Schaff, Marketing Manager, AMTA

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