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The Value and Efficacy of Massage Therapy in Integrated Health Care and Member Guide

The health care system in the U.S. is going through dynamic changes, and as a result, a variety of opportunities exist for massage therapists to get involved—now and in the future.

As these unique arrangements grow, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) aims to provide members with information needed to navigate these avenues and understand emerging health care models.

The Value and Efficacy of Massage Therapy in Integrated Health Care

Examine several aspects of massage therapy in integrated health care with this AMTA publication, intended to foster an extensive discussion among massage therapists, health care administrators and other health care professionals.

This dialog and analysis has become more important as a result of national health care reform and the Triple Aim of reform—better health care, better patient outcomes and lower overall costs. The evolving situation presents new opportunities for massage therapists.

AMTA’s approach to this document was to engage a variety of experts in a summary analysis of these three areas of value within the context of health care reform. Massage therapy is already integrated into patient care in many health care environments. However, it is not yet fully a part of average medical insurance plans, Medicaid or Medicare. AMTA encourages hospital and clinic administrators, physician and other health care provider groups, and both state and federal government health care administrators to evaluate the information presented and use it as a stepping stone for further collaboration.

Download AMTA's The Value and Efficacy of Massage Therapy in Integrated Health Care 

Special Acknowledgements

AMTA Member Guide: Emerging Health Care Opportunities for Massage Therapists

This guide is meant to be a practical tool for AMTA members to begin their own exploration of evolving opportunities, including a self-evaluation to help you decide if these opportunities are a good fit for you and for your massage practice.

For a detailed look at the therapeutic value of massage therapy, a vision for its opportunities within health care models, and the cost effectiveness of massage as a therapeutic option, we encourage you to read The Value & Efficacy of Massage Therapy in Integrated Health Care and share it with prospective health care partners.

Download AMTA Member Guide: Emerging Health Care Opportunities 

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