AMTA Membership Will Be a New Benefit Offered to Massage Envy Therapists

AMTA is pleased to announce that Massage Envy will be purchasing AMTA memberships, on behalf of massage therapists employed across the country at their franchised locations.

Employers nationwide are increasingly looking for ways to recruit and retain employees. By offering the valuable benefit of AMTA membership, Massage Envy is investing in their franchised locations as a place where therapists could look to both start and grow a career. With an AMTA membership, ME massage therapists will become part of the largest community of massage professionals while gaining access to free high-quality continuing education and resources to enrich their skill sets and help elevate their careers. AMTA provides members with the strongest benefits in the massage therapy profession including local education and volunteer opportunities through a network of 51 chapters across the country.

Massage Envy is the largest employer of massage therapists in the U.S. across its franchise network. AMTA being the largest non-profit, professional association serving massage therapists, is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive community for all massage therapists among all work environments.

“AMTA membership is viewed as a valuable benefit in this competitive industry and AMTA is pleased to see Massage Envy and other employers identifying new ways to invest in their employees while enriching therapists’ professional skill sets,” said Steve Albertson, AMTA President.