AMTA's Recent Efforts to Aid Title IV Schools in Georgia

AMTA recently advocated on behalf of Title IV schools in Georgia by supporting legislation that would have raised educational hours as a solution to new rules imposed by the U.S. Department of Education (DoEd). Despite our opposition to the current structure of the Interstate Massage Therapy Compact (IMpact) – specifically the 625-hour requirement, AMTA supports the Title IV schools' initiative in Georgia to boost educational hours to help address the DoEd's new rules. 

AMTA’s support was demonstrated through our testimony and proposed amendments to the Georgia legislature throughout the month of March. However, we did not endorse attaching the IMpact as an amendment to the “Georgia HB839 Social Work Licensure Compact Act”, due to concerns that it would restrict or exclude many licensed massage therapists. AMTA’s position on the IMpact has been thoroughly documented.

AMTA is disappointed by an attempt to introduce divisive amendments to HB839, especially at a time when Georgia Title IV schools need support from the profession to increase educational hours. Further complicating matters, there was another move to eliminate the “exemptions in the practice act” for certain professions, undermining all of the proposed amendments. As a result, we were not able to achieve the goal of increasing educational hours.

In closing, AMTA fully supports our title IV schools and their efforts to introduce thoughtful legislation to raise educational hours. We also welcome further discussion with our partners in the massage profession to modify the current IMpact. We hope we can all come together to create an IMpact that is both more accessible for massage therapists across the country and truly supports mobility within the profession.