Arizona Legislative Update: HB 2169 Will Not Move Forward This Year

Thanks to the hard work and dedication to the massage profession by our AMTA-AZ Chapter and Lobbyist, we are pleased to share that HB 2169, a bill to merge the Board of Massage Therapy with the Board of Cosmetology, will not move forward this year. 

AMTA is committed to collaborating with the Governor's office in the coming months to try and find a better solution prior to the next legislative session, so we can facilitate a smooth transition or a continuation hearing for the Board of Massage Therapy in 2025. As part of these conversations, we will work with the Governor's office to advocate for additional resources to begin combating the licensing delay issues. 

We encourage all Arizona massage therapists to reach out to the AMTA Government Relations team with any questions. As always, we support you and our entire massage community.