Alaska Board of Massage Therapy to Continue

On January 16th, Governor Dunleavy issued Executive Order 127, which intended to eliminate the independent Board of Massage Therapy and place all regulation of the massage profession under the Department of Commerce in Alaska. We are pleased to report that after the exhaustive grassroots efforts of the AMTA-AK Chapter and volunteers, this measure was overturned during a joint session on March 12th. The Alaska Board of Massage Therapy will now be allowed to continue as the regulating authority in the state!

This is a significant win for massage therapists in Alaska. Maintaining an independent Board of Massage Therapy allows for more focused expertise on the profession's unique needs and practices, helping facilitate regulations that ensure appropriate standards of education and licensing requirements. This autonomy benefits both massage practitioners and the public. 

We encourage you to reach out to the AMTA Government Relations team with any questions. As always, we support you and our entire massage community.