Alabama Massage Therapy Licensing Board Update

May 21, 2024

The passage of Senate Bill 137 dissolves the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy on June 1, 2024, and reassigns its powers, duties, records, and property to the new Alabama Massage Therapy Licensing Board. At this time, the membership and organization of the Massage Therapy Licensing Board will be under the temporary oversight of the Board of Nursing. This also means the Board of Nursing will oversee the licensing requirements for massage therapists and establishments, including education and exams.

In addition, the Board of Nursing executive officer will temporarily assume and perform all functions of the executive officer position for the Massage Therapy Licensing Board. All functions performed by the Board of Nursing and the executive officer shall be transferred to the new Alabama Massage Therapy Licensing Board on or before October 1, 2026.

We want to assure you that throughout this process, Alabama massage therapists will be able to maintain their licenses without interruption. As always, AMTA continues to support the state regulation of massage therapy through fair and consistent licensure in Alabama.

We encourage you to reach out to the AMTA Government Relations team with any questions.