The First Fully Automated Massage Table

Learn about Aescape, an AI-powered massage table that uses advanced AI technology for a personalized experience. 

Aescape AI-Powered Massage Table

On March 13th, Aescape, an AI-powered massage table, debuted in NYC across 10 Equinox wellness club locations. The team behind Aescape is comprised of roboticists, brand builders, and hardware and software engineers hailing from Amazon, Uber, Accenture and the New York Knicks. Aescape was designed after consulting with athletes, casual gym goers, and everyday individuals of diverse body types.

Aescape aims to make massage an accessible, regular part of rest and recovery, no longer reserved for indulgence or injury,” explains Eric Litman, founder and CEO, in a release. “Working alongside massage therapists over the last seven years, we’ve honed our technology to ensure it caters to diverse body types and lifestyles. It is designed for anyone looking to book last-minute, or looking for control over their massage when therapists aren’t always available.”

The flagship product, a fully automated, AI-driven massage table, uses advanced AI technology for a personalized experience. The table scans the user’s body, generating over 1.1 million 3D data points and accurately mapping the body’s position on the table. Key anatomical points are identified for a targeted massage experience. Users access a touchscreen interface to choose from a variety of treatments tailored to their unique body profile, providing control over which body areas are massaged, pressure points and music selection.

The goal is not to replace massage therapists, according to Litman, but to help alleviate some of the labor concerns. Aescape enters the $19 billion massage therapy industry amid an estimated shortage of more than 29,000 therapists and hopes to help spas, resorts, hotels and other wellness partners meet existing demand and realize increased revenue. “We’ve very intentionally built Aescape to collaborate with massage therapists,” Litman says. “Our product and mission are about enhancing their work and addressing the industry's labor shortage.”

Aescape is currently partnering with leaders across the hospitality and wellness industries, including major hotels, wellness clubs, spas, corporate offices and professional sports teams, all of which will be among the first to launch the Aescape Experience at their locations throughout 2024. March 13th marked the beginning of the Early Access Program in New York City.

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