Lawsuits Delay Implementation of the Department of Education's New Rule

The implementation of the Department of Education's new rule has been delayed due to successful arguments made by AMTA and others! As a result of these lawsuits, the courts will now be conducting a more in-depth evaluation of the Department of Education's rulemaking process and its potential impact on career schools nationwide.

This delay means that massage therapy schools can continue to operate under the 150% rule until further notice. As the AMTA lawsuit and others progress over the summer, we will keep you updated on our efforts to fight this new rule and fully reinstate the 150% rule that has served schools well for over 30 years.

We continue to encourage all schools and administrators to reach out and share how the new rule would negatively impact your schools and students if implemented.

We are proud to be the largest association in massage therapy and the only non-profit organization that continually invests in the profession in unparalleled ways.