Do Not Disturb

Exchange screen time for self-care.

 May 1, 2021

Person doing yoga pose; person reading; close up of hands clasped

Now more than ever, we rely heavily on our smartphones to stay connected with friends and family, and to keep us entertained and aware of world events. But not keeping tabs on how much time you’re spending in front of a screen, as well as the content you’re most paying attention to, can have consequences for your health.

According to one study from researchers at the University of Melbourne, it’s not necessarily how much time we spend on our phones but what we spend our time viewing that can have a serious impact on our well-being. The information we spend our time on can cause stress, anxiety and other negative effects. 

Luckily, there’s a way to combat scrolling aimlessly for hours. If you’re looking for alternative activities, here are three that can help you practice more self-care. 

Improve Your Posture by Doing Yoga

A 2016 report from the Journal of Physical Therapy Science states that “prolonged smartphone usage causes faulty posture such as forward neck posture, slouched posture or rounded shoulders.” This continued posture over time can have serious consequences on your spine and even cause respiratory problems. Doing yoga moves like cat-cow, downward- facing dog and cobra can help to stretch your spine and increase mobility.

Release the Strain From Your Eyes by Reading A Book

While there are screen protectors and blue-light glasses that can provide relief to your eyes after staring at a screen, sometimes you need a moment to pause. Picking up a book and reading in a well-lit area or looking away from your computer monitor for 20 minutes can help to alleviate eyestrain. 

Try Stretches to Keep Your Hands Healthy

You use your hands throughout your workday, and time at the computer or holding your phone may cause additional strain. If you start to experience hand cramps, clasp your hands together and rotate your wrists a few times. You can also stretch your fingers by placing your hand on a flat surface and lift one finger at a time.