Position Statement Proposal/Discussion Topic Proposal Submission Process

Effective September 25, 2017

Submission Eligibility

  1.  Position statement proposal:  A position statement proposal can be submitted by a professional AMTA member or the Board of Directors.

  2. Discussion topics:  A discussion item may be submitted by any interested individual or group associated with the massage therapy profession.

Submission Process

  • Topics must be submitted on the appropriate form and sent to the Assembly of Delegates Advisory Committee (AODAC) Moderator and Assembly of Delegates Advisory Committee staff liaison.

  • Topics may be submitted at any time, however to be considered on the agenda for the current year's AOD meeting during National Convention, the entire review, revision, and re-submittal process must be completed eight weeks prior to that years AOD meeting. 

  • Topics will be reviewed by the AODAC Moderator, AODAC, staff, and appropriate volunteers to ensure that all proposed topics meet the criteria for consideration. 

  • The AODAC Moderator and AODAC will return topic proposals to the member or group who submitted it within four weeks indicating any suggested changes.

  • The group who proposed the topic will have one month to make all recommended changes.

  • The AODAC will provide a report of the meeting to those whose proposed topics were discussed in the Assembly meeting.

Discussion Topic Guidelines

  • Must be related to AMTA’s mission and goals.
  • Must be in accordance with AMTA’s statement on discrimination.
  • Must ask a broad question.
  • Cannot be defamatory.
  • Cannot endorse a political candidate or party.
  • Cannot address internal AMTA issues.
  • Cannot endorse a specific product or company.

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