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AMTA has long been the leading choice among massage therapists looking to establish themselves within the profession. AMTA provides members with the strongest benefits and promotes massage therapy to the public and health care community.

AMTA is the largest nonprofit, professional association serving massage therapists, massage students and massage schools. This means your membership dollars are invested back into the profession through research, advocacy and promotion of the health benefits of massage to the general public and health care community. No other company or organization gives back as much - see for yourself!

"We chose AMTA over ABMP because AMTA is a nonprofit, and I appreciate knowing that all of the funds that go into AMTA are put right back into helping us as AMTA members."

Mandy Denning, Altura College

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According to a recent survey by Zogby Analytics, American massage consumers view the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) as the most respected and credible name in massage therapy—five times higher than any other massage organization or business.

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"I chose AMTA because they are the organization that I fit with the most. Their standards and goals meet up with mine, and it’s been a great fit."

David Osborne, Altura College

Highest Quality Massage CE

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Affordable Massage Liability Insurance Options

While you may think that having your license is all you need to practice massage, it is also important to make sure you are covered with high quality massage insurance in the case of an unexpected liability, such as a client becoming injured, or damage to property other than your own as a result of something you may or may not have done.

An AMTA Professional Membership and AMTA Graduate Membership includes affordable broad liability insurance to make sure that massage therapists are protected in case of a loss. 

With an AMTA membership, you're covered for up to $2 million per occurrence/$6 million aggregate for professional liability, general liability, products and personal injury.

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Networking and Community

AMTA is the largest community of massage professionals. Over 90,000 massage therapists have made AMTA their professional association. With the AMTA National Convention, mentoring programs and local chapters, you can find numerous ways to connect with fellow massage therapists.

"I chose AMTA because AMTA has been around forever. And in that, the association has not only evolved with the profession but encouraged the evolution of the profession. With my AMTA membership and participating in these events, I’m able to stay on the cutting edge of the education I’m offering my students."

Jill Kristen Berkana, Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy

Member-Only Discounts

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Award-Winning Publications and Research

Keep on top of the industry and the latest news with AMTA’s award winning Massage Therapy Journal, and receive timely news, updates and opportunities with the monthly, member-only Hands On newsletter.

Each year, AMTA publishes the Massage Profession Research Report for members. This report is packed with the latest research on every aspect of the massage therapy marketplace and practical tips to help you grow your practice.

In addition, AMTA is the primary benefactor of the Massage Therapy Foundation, helping MTF carry out its mission and reinforcing AMTA’s goal of evidence-informed massage practice.

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“They keep their finger on the pulse of the profession which really helps to drive that member-focus. I really do feel that what AMTA focuses on is member-driven rather than a top-down approach.”

Dainah Craft, Indiana Wellness College

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"The support I’ve received at the various levels of my career has been key
in helping me get to the place I am today."

Lee S., AMTA member since 1995