Refer-a-Friend Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I refer my friends?

A. There are three easy ways to refer your friends: fill out the form, email your list of referrals to, or call us at 877.905.2700.

Q. Can I refer a friend in any membership level?

A. No. Only Graduate and Professional membership referrals are eligible to receive referral credit.

Q. What information do you need about my friends?

A. Please be prepared to provide your friend’s first and last name, a primary phone number, and an email address.

Q. Will you give out my friend’s contact information?

A. All information provided for the Refer a Friend promotion will be stored securely, and will not be sold to a third party.

Q. I referred my friend, but they haven’t joined. What should I do?

A. Make sure your friend knows you referred them, and remind them to give us your name when they join.

Q. I referred multiple people. How will I know when they joined?

A. With each gift card you earn, we will include a note telling you which of your referrals has joined.

Q. I referred a friend and they joined. What happens next?

A. We will send you a $20 Amazon gift card via email as our thank you for your referral. Please make sure your email is up-to-date with us. Not sure? Give us a call to check: 877.905.2700. Gift cards are emailed on a weekly basis.

Q. I was referred by someone. What do I do?

A. Join by calling 877.905.2700 or visit and use code Friend (Professional membership) or FriendG (Graduate membership). When we process your application, we will ask for the name of the person who referred you.

Q. What is the “lowest rate possible”?

A. New Professional members who were referred by a friend will receive a rate of $17/month for their first year. Graduate memberships are the same low rate as they always are, but also include a special Refer a Friend welcome gift!

Q. I just joined AMTA and I forgot to mention my friend’s name!

A. Unfortunately we cannot award retroactive credit for referrals. The good news is that you can start referring your friends to earn rewards! 

Q. Do I have to be an AMTA member to Refer a Friend?

A. Not at all! Non-members who have participated in the program include employers.

Q. Can I combine this with another offer?

A. Refer a Friend may not be combined with any other offer.

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