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Fascial Therapy: Techniques for Massage Therapists

$60 members / $100 non-members

Fascial therapy is a complex approach - it's important to learn how to select the appropriate technique for your clients and their health goals. Review anatomy and get information on individual techniques you can add to your massage therapy skill set.

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July Focus - Fascial Therapy

Are you looking for advanced continuing education to enhance your massage therapy skills? Fascial therapy can help your clients dealing with postural inefficiencies, movement dysfunction, scar tissue, athletic recovery and more. With the AMTA Fascial Therapy Continuing Education Program, learn the various techniques related to fascial therapy.

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As your nonprofit professional association serving massage therapists, AMTA is proud to be leading the conversation on massage therapy as an alternative to opioids for pain relief. We are dedicated to this issue, investing membership dollars back into the profession for research, adovcacy and promotion of massage for pain management. Learn more about The Nonprofit Advantage®.

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