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Pregnancy and Massage: Advanced Practice

$52 members / $87 non-members     3.5 CE credits

In this advanced course, explore how massage therapy can help with many factors related to the stress that may accompany female infertility, mental health, and pain and discomfort during the prenatal and perinatal phases. Review and build on the basic concepts of pregnancy and massage, and examine the associated myths to answer the question, is massage safe during pregnancy?  

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November Focus - Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often depicted as a joyful nine months, but the physical reality of gestating another human being often includes a myriad of complaints that can usually benefit from a massage therapist’s expertise.

Knowing how massage therapy best helps women who are pregnant – as well as the cautions and contraindications that will help guide every massage session – is necessary for therapists who want to work with these clients. Even with the need for increased awareness and a more in-depth understanding of pregnancy, there is an expansive body of research that supports massage therapy’s many advantages during the prenatal, labor, and postpartum periods.

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