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Cancer and Massage Therapy: Essential Contraindications Part 1

$37 members / $62 non-members     2.5 CE credits

For people with cancer and cancer histories, massage therapy can be a powerful intervention. Skilled, structured touch has the potential to reduce isolation, relieve symptoms, and help people feel cared for, whole and empowered.

Review old assumptions about cancer and massage therapy, and essential contraindications for massage for common cancer presentations. Take a detailed look at current thought on when, where, why and how massage therapy is contraindicated.

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February Focus - Cancer and Massage Therapy

According to the American Cancer Society, an expected 1,735,350 people will have been diagnosed with cancer in 2018—and approximately two-thirds of those diagnosed will survive. Traditional treatments like surgery, radiation and chemotherapy have had great success, but sometimes with crippling side effects that make the disease even more physically and emotionally taxing.

Today, more research is helping health care professionals and patients alike understand the role massage therapy plays in an integrative care plan. From providing stress relief to helping patients better handle symptoms such as pain and side effects like nausea, massage therapy can benefit cancer patients in a variety of ways.

Massage Therapy for Patients with Cancer

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