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About Janae

Janae acquired the majority of her education at the Harbin School of Healing Arts in Middletown, California. Harbin is a world-renown hot springs resort known for its superb teachers and passionate massage therapists of incredible skill. Her own body's intuition about pain has become informed with the principles of deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release and fascial manipulation. Thus, she is able to deliver the magic touch while ensuring that enough time, heat, and friction is applied with a pace that is much slower and more specific than the styles of the majority of massage therapists.

In her practice, she embodies the fundamentals of deep tissue work by exercising proper body mechanics and using very little lubricant in the form of shea butter. You can expect that she will not slather you with lotion. As the experienced deep tissue therapist, Art Riggs put it, “Probably the most obvious difference that clients first notice between conventional massage and myofascial release techniques is that the therapist uses less or even no lubrication. Because the emphasis is upon lengthening fascia rather than kneading muscle tissue, it is necessary to ‘grab’ the tissue rather than sliding over it.” 

She has completed further deep tissue and sports massage training with Bill Musser, M.S., LMT. He was once a prominent "brute" massage therapist in both Bend and Eugene, Oregon. He has worked with Olympic gold medalists and was the National Teacher of the Year (2000) by the American Massage Therapy Association Council of Schools. He was also the former chairman of the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists. His methods can help alleviate the root cause of the development of "rigor" (i.e., trigger points and adhesions) in the muscles.

Techniques practiced

  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Neuromuscular
  • Trigger Point therapy

Where I practice

  • Therapist’s Home Office
  • Therapist’s Private Practice Office

Clients accepted

male, female


State license/Certificate: OR 21922
Experience: 0-3 years

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I accept insurance

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