Robbin Mae Phelps

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Washington, DC 20012-1945
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Phone: (202)288-9017

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I work with the chronically stressed, as well as those who with any number of challenges, including women in the childbearing year, those with serious neurological conditions, and those going through major life transitions with all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual impact those involve.  I lead movement meditation classes, and teach classes in the Foundations of Trager® Approach.

My main avenue for work is the Trager® Approach, which is - 
- gentle inquiring movement of the body and mind, to learn greater freedom, comfort and ease - because we can learn this 
- self-care, exploring where & how & how much your body wants to move - meditation in motion
- mind-body integration through movement
- a non-prescriptive, profoundly effective approach to wholeness

To coin a Trager® phrase - What could be lighter ... freer ... easier ... ?

The Trager Approach
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