Anna Faith Fennessy

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244 Spokane Ave Ste 6
Whitefish, MT 59937-2600
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Phone: (406)309-5722

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Massage is a unique experience, a verbal and non-verbal conversation between the therapist and client as they work together to release tension and create balance.  Because our bodies are living breathing autobiographies that carry the story of our life, receiving a massage requires an offering of trust.  For this reason, I believe that it is an honor to give massage; it is ultimately an opportunity to create positive change in your life’s unfolding story. It is my goal to make your massage experience as unique as you are.

To this end, I offer an integrative and therapeutic approach to massage and bodywork, incorporating Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, and Swedish techniques throughout each session.  Depending on your individual needs and goals, I also offer a structural assessment prior to each massage to evaluate which muscles need more specific attention so as to help correct postural deviations. Gentle stretching and traction are also used to help increase range of motion. 

In order to facilitate relaxation and release, I offer herbal Epsom compresses, Moist Heat Therapy, and Aromatherapy using the therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils. Other services include: Hot Stone Massage, the Raindrop Technique, Pregnancy Massage, and Infant Massage Classes.